Home Security Architecture AUCloud fights back against increasing scams through new cyber security training

AUCloud fights back against increasing scams through new cyber security training

AUCloud fights back against increasing scams through new cyber security training

AUCloud, a well-known cyber security company, has recently announced the launch of advanced cyber security training and phishing simulations in response to the increasing number of scams targeting email inboxes across the nation. This initiative comes at a time when the Australian Government has reported that Email compromise and business email compromise (BEC) fraud rank among the top three cybercrime types affecting businesses.

CEO of AUCloud, Peter Maloney, has highlighted the growing complexity of cyber threats and the importance of equipping staff with the necessary skills to identify and combat potential risks. Maloney revealed that on their platform, initial phishing simulations have an average fail rate of 30%. However, consistent awareness training has enabled clients to reduce their phishing score by up to 98%.

AUCloud’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for organisations to manage and safeguard their data remains a core aspect of their mission. The introduction of this advanced cyber security training marks a significant step forward in their efforts to go beyond traditional methods by incorporating realistic phishing simulations.

Maloney emphasized the crucial role that phishing simulations and ongoing training play in building a strong defence against BEC. He advised organisations to implement robust cyber security measures and highlighted the importance of proactive preparation and employee empowerment in combating cyber threats.

According to Maloney, AUCloud is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive solutions to assist Australian businesses in managing and protecting their data. The company’s advanced cyber security training is designed to enhance traditional approaches by integrating realistic phishing simulations and providing a proactive means for organisations to prepare and empower their employees.

As per the ASD’s annual Cyber Threat Report for 2022-23, there has been a 14% increase in the average cost of cybercrime compared to the previous year. Medium-sized Australian businesses are now facing an average expense of AUD $97,200 per incident, underscoring the growing financial impact of cyber threats.

AUCloud has identified spearphishing-related emails related to HR and IT updates as the most commonly clicked emails by Australian businesses. The company’s phishing training and simulations aim to equip individuals with the skills to recognize and respond to phishing attempts through interactive online modules and exercises that mirror real-world scenarios.

This tailored training solution is specifically designed for Australian businesses and seeks to revolutionize the way organisations educate their employees on identifying and avoiding email phishing scams. The newly launched cyber security phishing training and simulations are now accessible through AUCloud’s range of award-winning cyber security and secure cloud solutions. By offering these cutting-edge tools and resources, AUCloud aims to enhance the cyber resilience of Australian businesses and help them effectively combat cyber threats.

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