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Cloudflare introduces new WAF features to protect against hackers exploiting LLMs

Cloudflare introduces new WAF features to protect against hackers exploiting LLMs

Cloudflare is gearing up to provide enhanced protection for artificial intelligence (AI) with the introduction of a new Firewall for AI. This new feature is designed to safeguard against Model Denial of Service and Sensitive Information Disclosure by leveraging tools and features available to all Cloudflare customers as part of the Web Application Firewall.

A spokesperson for Cloudflare explained, “Firewall for AI will also run a series of detections designed to identify prompt injection attempts and other abuses, ensuring that the topic stays within the boundaries defined by the model owner.” This additional layer of security aims to prevent malicious actors from exploiting vulnerabilities in AI systems.

Currently, the prompt validation feature of Firewall for AI is still in development, with a beta version expected to be released in the upcoming months. This new tool is part of Cloudflare’s ongoing efforts to enhance security measures for AI applications and data.

In addition to the Firewall for AI, Cloudflare is also working on a Defensive AI program to detect anomalous behavior within customer traffic patterns. This initiative involves developing AI-based models that analyze specific traffic patterns to establish a baseline of normal behavior. By doing so, Cloudflare can better identify any unusual activity across various environments including APIs, emails, and employee access.

The spokesperson elaborated, stating, “Defensive AI is the framework Cloudflare uses to leverage intelligent systems in improving the effectiveness of security solutions. AI is instrumental in bolstering protection across different security areas, from application security to Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.” By deploying AI models tailored to specific applications, Cloudflare can provide more targeted security measures for its customers.

While Firewall for AI is already available to Cloudflare customers, the Defensive AI models are still in the development phase. The company has not yet announced a specific launch date for these new security enhancements. Cloudflare remains committed to continuously improving its security systems to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect its customers’ sensitive data.

In conclusion, Cloudflare’s introduction of Firewall for AI and Defensive AI reflects the company’s proactive approach to enhancing security measures for AI applications. With the rise of cyber threats targeting AI systems, these new tools are crucial in safeguarding against potential attacks and ensuring the integrity of AI models. Cloudflare customers can look forward to increased protection and peace of mind with these innovative security solutions.

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