Home Security Architecture CPSO arrests man for child pornography in cyber crimes case

CPSO arrests man for child pornography in cyber crimes case

CPSO arrests man for child pornography in cyber crimes case

Bethany Man Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

In Bethany, a man named Steven Turner, aged 48, has been arrested for possessing multiple images of child pornography, according to Sheriff Jay Long. The arrest took place on Thursday after Sheriff’s Cyber Crimes Detective Jared Marshall conducted an investigation.

Authorities discovered the illegal materials during a search of Turner’s residence in the 10000 block of Buncombe Road. It was determined that Turner had multiple files containing child pornography in his possession. As a result, Turner was taken into custody and booked into Caddo Correctional Center on 60 counts of pornography involving juveniles.

The investigation into Turner’s activities is still ongoing, as law enforcement officials continue to gather evidence and interview potential witnesses. Child pornography is a serious offense and those found guilty often face severe legal consequences.

Possessing and distributing child pornography is a despicable crime that exploits vulnerable children and contributes to the perpetuation of a harmful industry. Law enforcement agencies have been cracking down on such activities in recent years, utilizing dedicated cyber crimes units to track down offenders and bring them to justice.

Sheriff Jay Long emphasized the importance of reporting any suspicious activities or individuals involved in the production or distribution of child pornography. By remaining vigilant and working together with law enforcement, communities can help protect children from exploitation and abuse.

In conclusion, the arrest of Steven Turner serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by individuals who engage in the illegal trade of child pornography. Law enforcement agencies are committed to identifying and prosecuting those responsible for such crimes in order to ensure the safety and well-being of children in our communities. The investigation into Turner’s case will continue until all relevant facts are uncovered and justice is served.

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