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CrowdStrike Acquires Israeli Data Defense Vendor Flow Security

CrowdStrike Acquires Israeli Data Defense Vendor Flow Security

CrowdStrike, a leading endpoint security company based in Austin, Texas, has announced its plans to acquire Flow Security, a data security posture management startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The acquisition aims to enhance CrowdStrike’s capabilities in safeguarding information across endpoints and clouds, providing visibility into cloud data flows and interactions with applications, as well as detecting risks to sensitive data. The deal is expected to close by the end of April, with financial terms remaining undisclosed.

Flow Security, founded in 2020, brings a team of 36 experts who have focused on simplifying the security of critical data businesses manage daily. The company completed a $10 million seed round in August 2022 and has been led by Jonathan Roizin, who has extensive experience in the Israeli Defense Forces and the cybersecurity industry. By integrating Flow Security’s capabilities into CrowdStrike’s Falcon XDR platform, the company aims to protect data at all stages, regardless of its location or movement.

CrowdStrike’s acquisition of Flow Security marks the seventh such deal in the company’s history, following strategic acquisitions in the cloud security space. In 2022, CrowdStrike was ranked as the fourth-largest cloud workload security vendor globally, with $154.3 million in sales accounting for 5.9% of the market. The company has consistently grown its market share through innovative solutions and strategic acquisitions, aimed at expanding its technology portfolio and addressing evolving cybersecurity challenges.

The Flow Security acquisition comes on the heels of CrowdStrike’s purchase of Bionic, an application security startup, for $238.7 million in a move to enhance risk visibility and protection in cloud computing environments. Prior to that, CrowdStrike acquired Reposify, SecureCircle, Humio, Preempt Security, and Payload Security, strengthening its position in various cybersecurity segments.

CrowdStrike’s CEO, George Kurtz, emphasized the importance of the Flow Security acquisition in furthering the company’s cloud leadership and redefining data protection standards. With a focus on runtime-first cloud data security, Flow Security complements CrowdStrike’s vision of providing comprehensive and unified security solutions for data protection.

Overall, CrowdStrike’s acquisition of Flow Security reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in the cybersecurity sector. By integrating Flow Security’s expertise and technology into its platform, CrowdStrike aims to stay ahead of emerging threats and provide its customers with advanced cybersecurity solutions for securing their endpoints and cloud environments.

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