Home Security Architecture Cybercrime Gang: Six Arrested After Swindling 3.5 Crore From Retired Teacher in Varanasi

Cybercrime Gang: Six Arrested After Swindling 3.5 Crore From Retired Teacher in Varanasi

Cybercrime Gang: Six Arrested After Swindling 3.5 Crore From Retired Teacher in Varanasi

In a recent development in Varanasi, six members of an interstate cybercrime gang were apprehended by the police for their involvement in duping a retired teacher, Shampa Rakshit, of a staggering amount of Rs 3.55 crore. The fraudsters posed as fake police officers in order to carry out their scheme. The police were able to recover Rs 13.63 lakh in cash and also seized Rs 65 lakh from various bank accounts linked to the criminals.

The case unfolded on March 8, when Rakshit, who resides in the Sigra police station area, received a call from an unknown number. The caller claimed to be an employee of the Telecom Regulatory Authority and informed Rakshit that her mobile number was at risk of being deactivated. Shortly after, Rakshit received another call, this time from someone posing as Vinay Chaubey, an officer from Vile Parle police station in Maharashtra. The caller accused Rakshit of engaging in illegal activities associated with a phone number registered in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, and even provided a phone number as “proof.”

Despite Rakshit’s protestations that the accusations were unfounded as the number in question was not hers and that she did not reside in Mumbai, the caller persisted in his threats of arrest. He coerced Rakshit into downloading the Sky app on her phone and further intimidated her into remaining indoors and keeping the situation quiet. Through these intimidation tactics, the fraudster was able to obtain Rakshit’s bank account details.

The caller then duped Rakshit into depositing the substantial sum of Rs 3 crore into an account he claimed belonged to the RBI. He assured Rakshit that the funds would be returned after an investigation and that she would not face any legal repercussions. Subsequently, on March 11, Rakshit complied and deposited the amount as directed. The following day, under the threat of arrest, Rakshit transferred an additional Rs 55 lakh to avoid any supposed legal consequences.

Taking the matter seriously, Commissioner of Police Mohit Agrawal instructed DCP (Crime) Chandrakant Meena to form special teams to investigate the case thoroughly. The accused individuals involved in the cybercrime have been identified as Mohammad Taufiq Khan, Sarfraz Alam, Nurul Huda, and Arif Ahmad Khan from Lucknow, as well as Om Ashwin Bhai Goyani and Nirav Batuk Bhai Goti from Surat, Gujarat.

This arrest marks a significant breakthrough in cracking down on cybercrime and fraudulent activities in the region. The police have urged the public to remain vigilant and cautious when receiving suspicious calls or messages, especially those requesting personal or financial information. It serves as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity measures and the need to stay informed about the evolving tactics used by criminals to deceive innocent individuals.

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