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Government Introduces Online Platforms to Address Cybercrime and Spam Calls

Government Introduces Online Platforms to Address Cybercrime and Spam Calls

The Department of Telecommunications has taken a significant step forward in bolstering cybersecurity with the introduction of two innovative platforms, the Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu. These platforms, housed under the Sanchar Saathi portal, are designed to empower citizens and enhance inter-agency collaboration in the ongoing battle against cybercrime and spam calls.

Chakshu, one of the platforms launched by the Department of Telecommunications, provides a user-friendly interface for citizens to report suspected fraudulent communications directly. This platform allows individuals to report dubious phone numbers, messages, and phishing attempts, enabling early detection and mitigation of potential cyber threats. By engaging the community in safeguarding the digital ecosystem, Chakshu not only raises public awareness about cybersecurity but also encourages proactive involvement in combating cyber threats.

On the other hand, the Digital Intelligence Platform represents a significant advancement in inter-agency cooperation in combating cybercriminal activities. This platform facilitates real-time data sharing on cyber fraud activities among various stakeholders such as banks, social media platforms, and wallet operators. By ensuring swift dissemination of information on suspected frauds, the Digital Intelligence Platform accelerates the detection process, marking a transition from fragmented efforts to a more unified and efficient reporting mechanism.

The impact and achievements of these initiatives have already been evident since the launch of the Sanchar Saathi portal in May 2023. Minister Vaishnaw highlighted that the platforms have successfully prevented frauds amounting to an estimated Rs 1,008 crore and have substantially reduced fraudulent international calls. These accomplishments underscore the effectiveness of the platforms in strengthening India’s cybersecurity infrastructure and protecting citizens from potential cyber risks.

The introduction of the Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu by the Department of Telecommunications signifies a crucial milestone in India’s fight against cybercrime and spam calls. By leveraging technology and promoting collaborative efforts, these platforms are poised to make significant advancements in safeguarding the digital space. As more stakeholders join the initiative and the platforms continue to evolve, the collective endeavor to create a safer cyber environment heralds a new era in cybersecurity for India.

Overall, the launch of these innovative platforms by the Department of Telecommunications reflects a proactive approach to enhancing cybersecurity measures in the country. With a focus on citizen empowerment and inter-agency collaboration, these platforms are instrumental in fortifying India’s defenses against cyber threats and promoting a safer digital environment for all.

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