Home Cyber Balkans MIWIC2024: Meet Rebecca Taylor, Threat Intelligence Knowledge Manager at Secureworks

MIWIC2024: Meet Rebecca Taylor, Threat Intelligence Knowledge Manager at Secureworks

MIWIC2024: Meet Rebecca Taylor, Threat Intelligence Knowledge Manager at Secureworks

The Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards event, organized by Eskenzi PR in collaboration with IT Security Guru, aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional women in the cybersecurity industry. One of the Top 20 women for 2024 was selected by a distinguished panel of judges. The following Q&A feature provides insights into the nominee’s experiences and contributions, with some edits made for clarity and additional commentary provided by their nominator.

In 2024, the awards received sponsorship from BT, Think Cybersecurity Ltd., and Plexal, with partners such as Eskenzi PR, Assured, and Women in Cybersecurity UK & Ireland Affiliate collaborating on the event.

The nominee, a knowledge management subject matter expert, focuses on managing critical indicators and threat intelligence within Secureworks Counter Threat Unit. Their role involves ensuring accessible information for various teams and community members while championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives in the workplace.

When asked about her journey into the cybersecurity industry, the nominee shared that she initially joined Secureworks as a Personal Assistant but delved deeper into cybersecurity in subsequent roles as a Change Manager and Coordinator. These roles exposed her to the cybersecurity needs of organizations, fostering a passion for assisting and supporting customers during challenging times.

Reflecting on challenges faced as a woman in the tech/cyber industry, the nominee acknowledged grappling with self-doubt, seeking reassurance, and questioning her capabilities. However, she framed this doubt as a testament to her dedication and care for her work, easing her apprehensions.

In terms of supporting other women and promoting diversity in the industry, the nominee is an active mentor involved in various initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion. With a strong outreach of over 2000 individuals in 2023, she engaged in knowledge-sharing, coaching, event participation, and advocacy for diversity programs.

Offering advice to girls and women aspiring to join the cybersecurity field, the nominee emphasized that there is a place for everyone in the industry, regardless of technical expertise. She encouraged prospective entrants to focus on their willingness to learn and contribute to cybersecurity’s mission of safeguarding people, rather than being deterred by perceived technical barriers.

In summary, the nominee’s journey exemplifies perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to empowering and supporting a diverse cybersecurity community. Her experiences serve as an inspiration for aspiring women in the industry, highlighting the value of inclusion, mentorship, and a passion for making a difference in the field of cybersecurity.

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