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Your Supply Chain is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Your Supply Chain is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

In the fast-paced world of technology, organizations and their employees are relying on a multitude of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications on a daily basis. However, the use of these applications is often decentralized and ungoverned, leading to a significant increase in the attack surface and leaving them vulnerable to security threats.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon, the co-founder and CEO of Wing Security, has highlighted the importance of recognizing your supply chain as your new attack surface. Wing Security offers a solution called Secure SaaS Posture Management (SSPM) to help organizations ensure the safety and compliance of all their SaaS applications.

During a recent episode of CyberEd.io’s podcast series “Cybersecurity Insights,” Lubetzky Sharon delved into the following key points:

1. SSPM serves as a crucial security layer by identifying a company’s applications, prioritizing them, and offering controls for access and permissions through the ability to “define and customize an automatic workflow.”

2. Contrasting SSPM with Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), which is cloud-centric, highlights the application-centric focus of SSPM.

3. The automation capabilities of SSPM enable organizations to promptly shut down any unsafe applications, emphasizing the necessity for modern organizations to prioritize automated solutions.

Lubetzky Sharon brings a wealth of experience to the table, having served as a retired colonel in Unit 8200 with extensive involvement in designing, developing, and deploying critical defensive and offensive cyber platforms for the Israel Defense Forces. Throughout her military career, she played a pivotal role in enhancing the IDF’s cyber capabilities, ultimately earning her the prestigious Israel Defense Award.

In today’s digital landscape, where the use of SaaS applications is ubiquitous, organizations must proactively address security concerns to safeguard their sensitive information and mitigate cyber risks. By implementing solutions like SSPM, organizations can better protect themselves from potential threats and ensure the safe and compliant use of their SaaS applications.

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